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High Power Prescription? Focus On Daysoft’s Extended Power Range Contact Lenses


We have a vision (sorry!). At daysoft®, we believe healthy eyesight should be affordable for everyone. It should also be available to everyone, including those who require high prescription contact lenses.  

Most of us take it for granted that contact lenses will be made in our prescription. But for those with high power prescriptions, this can mean using speciality lenses that may not provide best comfort for all day wear, are expensive and often not available in the safest wearing modality like all daysoft® lenses - daily disposable.  

After selling more than one billion of our daily-disposable contact lenses, we’ve extended our power range. Now more people than ever will be able to access the remarkable benefits of wearing soft daily-disposable contacts – even those with high power prescriptions. 

Here, we walk you through daysoft’s effective, affordable, comfortable and safe extended power range contact lenses.

Can I get contact lenses with high prescription?

If you have a high power prescription, you may have been put off by speciality contact lenses. They are often very expensive, may not be available in a soft hydrogel material and may not provide best comfort for all-day wear. 

Or perhaps you just unable to find any soft daily-disposable contact lenses that work for you, because of limited power ranges. The available options for most contact lens wearers range from +8.00D to -12.00D (D stands for dioptre, a unit of refractive or magnifying power).

Those days are over!

person inserting a contact lens into an eye

daysoft® offers the widest power range available

We’re the only company in the world providing readily available, soft, daily-disposable contact lenses from -13.00D to -25.00D in 0.50D steps. 

This means the best in ocular comfort and vision, not to mention huge upticks in convenience. After all, we’re also the only company in the world that designs, makes and sells contact lenses directly to you. By cutting out the middleman, we save you money as well delivering our high-quality lenses straight to your door.

You don’t even need to show us your prescription – we trust you to look after your eye health – but you must have a valid prescription to purchase the best lenses for you. If you’re unsure about how to read your prescription, we explain everything here. If you don’t have one, just reach out to your optician and have them provide it to you - it’s your right. 

Are high power contact lenses comfortable to wear?

Many people believe that a high power prescription means thicker, more uncomfortable lenses that dry out quickly. But did you know that it’s the shape of your contact lens edge, not its thickness, that determines how comfortable your lens is to wear? That’s why we’ve developed a unique contact lens edge design that provides you with all-day comfort. 

We call it Soft-Edge™

Unlike the conventional chiselled-edge or stepped-edge shapes you’ll find on many other hydrogel lenses, daysoft® lenses have a smooth, continuous edge. This allows your eyelid to glide smoothly over the lens edge. 

Contact lens being made in a factory

daysoft® lenses are 58% water and the lens material itself is very pliable. Added to our Soft-Edge™ design, this means exceptional wearing comfort – and not a dry eye in the house.

They’re super-easy to put in, too. Even though they’re ultra-thin, our lenses are always located in the blister pack in the same way. This means they’re never folded, thanks to our innovative INPAC technology. All you need to do is ‘scoop’ them onto the soft tip of your finger for confident handling and easy onto-eye insertion, every time.

What about oxygen permeability for high power contact lenses?

If you wear high power contact lenses, it’s not unusual for your eyes to feel tired or dry after 12 hours of wear, even if you wear expensive ones. However, your eyes get all the oxygen they need with our proven, comfortable contact lens material  – and you won’t be hurt in the pocket, either.

It’s all down to oxygen permeability – how the lens material allows your eye to ‘breathe’. This is measured in Dk units. D (diffusivity) represents how fast oxygen moves through the material. k (solubility) indicates how much oxygen is contained in the material. To calculate the oxygen transmissibility of a contact lens, Dk is divided by t (thickness of the lens material). 

daysoft® contact lenses have a Dk of 26. In fact, research shows that a Dk of 20 is sufficient for healthy eyes. And, like all leading brands of daily-disposable lenses, daysoft® contact lenses exceed this requirement. 

Boxes of Daysoft Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Expensive silicone hydrogel lenses are often sold on the premise that their higher Dk values are better, they are more oxygen permeable, and that more oxygen reaching the eye, compared with conventional hydrogel lenses, is much better for eye health. However, the amount of oxygen ultimately consumed by the eye is exactly the same as with hydrogel lenses, like daysoft®. 

Are daily contact lenses high prescription affordable?

Available in SILK or CLASSIC solutions, our extended power range lenses are the same unbeatable price per lens as our other lenses, from just 20p per lens delivered. So from 40p per day, you can enjoy healthy vision every day of the week, without breaking the bank. 

Every purchase is backed by our no-quibble returns policy, so you can try daysoft® lenses hassle free. If you aren't happy with your purchase, we'll refund you. 

Order and pay-as-you-go, whenever you like, or take a look at our new subscription service. You can make savings by ordering several months in advance – just follow three simple steps to get started.


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