Oxygen and Your Eyes

Oxygen and Your Eyes


The human eye absorbs all the oxygen it needs directly from the atmosphere. In order for the eye to continue absorbing oxygen when wearing contact lenses, the lens design and material needs to be permeable - allowing oxygen to flow through the lens to the eye at an optimal rate.

Safe, accessible and healthy eye-care is at the heart of our vision at daysoft®, which is why we won’t compromise on the quality of our lenses. Allow us to explain a little more about the relationship between oxygen and your eyes with some answers to these quick-fire questions.

How is oxygen absorbed into the eye? 

Did you know that the cornea (the transparent front surface of the eye) is one of the few parts of the body (along with tooth enamel, hair and nails) that doesn’t have a supply of oxygen? It doesn’t contain any blood vessels as it must remain transparent for light to pass through it. 

Without the presence of blood vessels, the eye must get its oxygen directly from the atmosphere. And here’s the incredible thing - the oxygen from the air dissolves into the tears that naturally coat the eye, and then diffuses through the cornea. The science is amazing! 

Daysoft contact lens held by a pair tweezers in a Daysoft factory

How permeable are daysoft® contact lenses?

In this context, permeability is measured in Dk units. D represents diffusivity (how fast oxygen moves through the material) and K stands for solubility (how much oxygen is contained in the material). 

In order to calculate the oxygen transmissibility of a contact lens, Dk is divided by t - the thickness of the material, a measurement usually taken at the centre of the lens. 

With a Dk of 26, daysoft® contact lenses provide all the oxygen required for normal daily disposable wear, the healthiest way to wear contact lenses. In fact, research shows that a Dk of 20 is sufficient for healthy eyes. And, like all leading brands of daily disposable lenses, daysoft® contact lenses exceed this requirement. 

Are Higher Dk Values Better?

Expensive silicone hydrogel lenses are often sold on the basis that they have higher Dk values (are more oxygen permeable) BUT the amount of oxygen which is consumed by the part of the eye which needs it (the endothelium) is exactly the same as with hydrogel lenses, like daysoft®.

In fact, these expensive Silicone hydrogels might not only hurt you in the pocket, there is growing evidence that this stiffer material (higher modulus) is less kind to your eyes and that over time, eye complaints can develop as a direct result.

Why pay four times the price? With daysoft® you get all the oxygen you need from a proven, comfortable contact lens material. With a Dk of 26, daysoft® lenses hit the bulls-eye. 

Oxygen And Your Eyes

This video explains some of the science behind the relationship between oxygen and your eyes, and the role that contact lenses play. 

Unbeatable price and money-back promise

With daysoft®, your eyes get all the oxygen they need, with a proven, comfortable contact lens material, for a fraction of the price. From just 20p per lens, you can enjoy clear focus and exceptional comfort every day of the week. 

Both of our lenses are available at the same unbeatable price and every purchase is backed by our no quibble returns policy. This means you can try daysoft® lenses and if you aren't happy with your purchase you'll be refunded. Read more about the daysoft® SILK and daysoft® CLASSIC lenses to inform your decision - you won’t regret it!


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