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What is Daysoft’s Soft-Edge™ Design?


Did you know, the shape of your contact lens edge is one of the biggest factors in determining how comfortable a lens is to wear? Much more important than the thickness of the lens itself.

That’s why we’ve taken exceptional care to develop a unique contact lens edge design that provides you with the very best experience in all-day comfort. We call it Soft-Edge™.

How Does Lens Shape Affect Comfort?

The edge of a contact lens plays a very significant role in how it feels when you wear it. A lens that allows your eyelid to glide smoothly over the lens edge will undoubtedly feel more comfortable. Similarly, lens edge shape will also affect the amount of desirable mobility of the contact lens over the front surface of your eye (the conjunctiva and cornea).

There are complicated and subtle interactions that happen constantly during lens wear. As such, contact lens design and manufacture demands the greatest attention to detail. Optimising lens performance and comfort is a matter of precision and technological expertise that must be replicated across the manufacture of hundreds of millions of daysoft® daily disposable lenses.


daysoft® SoftEdge design for contact lenses

What Is Soft-Edge Design?

Unlike the conventional chiselled edge shapes or stepped edge shapes that you’ll find on many other hydrogel lenses, daysoft® lenses have a smooth continuous edge profile design.

The slim lens edge with its rounded apex has been designed with a radius that complements the interaction with the tear film on the eye, allowing the eyelid to glide smoothly over the lens edge.

Daysoft lenses are 58% water and our lens material has a low modulus meaning it is very pliable. This, in combination with our Soft-Edge™ design, provides exceptional wearing comfort.

Leading Technology

These advances in lens-edge design and lens manufacture are only made possible through our unrelenting investment in building the highest precision engineering equipment. It’s a testament to our Engineering Team’s pursuit and development of ideas that really push the boundaries in maximising engineering precision. All for the benefit of our customers.

Daysoft daily contact lenses are produced in the UK in one of the most technologically advanced contact lens laboratories in the world. We only make daily disposables because fresh, sterile lenses every day is the healthiest and most convenient way to wear lenses. 

And at 40p per day - yes, that's 20p per lensyou can enjoy healthy vision every day of the week without breaking the bank. 


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