Are Contact Lenses Bad For Your Eyes?

Are Contact Lenses Bad For Your Eyes?


You’ve heard all about the benefits of daily disposable contact lenses: freedom from glasses, hygienic, convenient, safe and comfortable. But there may be a few worries niggling at the back of your mind. 

We get it – deciding to switch from specs or monthly lenses to dailies is a big step. Concerns about eye health and discomfort often arise and there are a lot of myths flying around. 

Here, we address the common questions: are contact lenses bad for your eyes? Are they safe? Are they uncomfortable? We’ll highlight solutions, focus on daysoft® daily disposable contact lenses’ exceptional comfort and stringent health and safety standards, and look how they can transform your life for the better.  

Are contact lenses bad for your eyes?

Contact lenses themselves are not inherently bad for your eyes. They are a safe and effective method of vision correction. But there’s a caveat: they must be used correctly and responsibly. 

The key is to follow proper care and hygiene practices as recommended by your eyecare professional. This includes regular check-ups and adhering to your lenses’ replacement schedule.

Are contact lenses safe?

Yes, contact lenses are safe when used as directed. Millions of people worldwide wear contact lenses without any issues. It’s crucial to consult an eyecare specialist to ensure you receive the right type of contact lenses for your eyes and lifestyle. Adhering to recommended cleaning and wearing schedules further ensures safety.

Always follow the advice of your eye health practitioner when it comes to which contact lenses are best for you. They’ll take a case history, do a general exam and consider your lifestyle. Based upon the clinical examination, the practitioner can pick out the optimum material and decide which type of lens is best for you. 

Are contact lenses uncomfortable?

It’s not unusual for your eyes to feel tired or dry after 12 hours’ wear. Contact lens discomfort can be a common concern, but it’s often due to avoidable factors. It could be related to improper lens fit, dry eyes or allergies. 

Most discomfort issues can be resolved with the right care and maintenance routine, as well as by choosing lenses designed for comfort.

Why do contact lenses irritate eyes?

Sometimes lenses just don’t feel right. Perhaps you’ve been wearing them all day and your eyes are tired. Maybe you’ve been staring at your screen too long and they need a break. Or you could be on a flight or somewhere with air conditioning that’s drying them out. 

Whatever it is, most discomfort can often be resolved with the right lenses and hygiene practices. Here are some tips for keeping your eyes happy when wearing contact lenses.

Always consult an eyecare specialist

Consult your eyecare professional to ensure your lenses fit properly. An ill-fitting lens can aggravate the problem of oxygen deprivation and in severe cases where the problem is prolonged, blood vessels can grow into the cornea, interfering with vision.

Regular eye examinations can also identify eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration in their early stages when they are more manageable. Early detection and treatment can prevent vision loss.

Feel free to use eye drops

Dry eyes are a common issue, leading to redness and irritation. Dry eyes mean contacts may feel quite uncomfortable and result in making the condition worse. Using lubricating eye drops can help alleviate this discomfort. 

Just make sure your preferred eye drops are compatible with your contact lenses. Drink lots of water, too!

Try hypoallergenic lenses designed for sensitive eyes

Some people may be allergic to lens materials or lens care solutions. Others may suffer from hayfever, which brings itchy eyes. 

daysoft® CLASSIC lenses have been designed for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive eyes, so may be a better choice for hayfever sufferers. They’re packed in a simple saline solution with no added moisturisers. 

Follow basic hygiene 

Failing to wash your hands, reusing lenses, or wearing them overnight or in the shower can all cause infection. With daily disposables, it really is as simple as making sure you wash and thoroughly dry your hands before putting your lenses in and removing them. 

Always take them out while swimming and showering. If your daily disposable contact lenses do come into contact with water, dispose of them responsibly and wear a fresh pair.

Solutions for comfort: introducing daysoft® daily disposables

daysoft® contact lenses are designed to be so comfy that you won’t notice they’re there. What’s more, they’re safe, hygienic, convenient, breathable and easy to pop in. No mess, no faff, no stress: just fresh, hydrating contact lenses every day. Here’s why we think you’ll love daysoft® daily disposables.


Our unique INPAC® manufacturing process means the lens is formed entirely in the pack, so imperfections are avoided and hygiene is improved because the lens is never handled. 


Dailies require minimum care for maximum safety. All you need to do to wear daily disposable contact lenses properly is keep your hands clean and dry when inserting and removing them.

Exceptional comfort

daysoft® lenses are known for their comfort. They are made using ultra-soft materials that prioritise your eye’s health and comfort. Our daily disposables also have our special Soft-Edge technology. This means that, unlike the conventional contact lens shapes that have a bevelled edge, daysoft® lenses have a smooth, continuous edge. This allows your eyelids to glide fluidly over the lenses when wearing them. 

Breathable design

These lenses allow more oxygen to reach your eyes, reducing the risk of discomfort due to lack of oxygen. It’s all down to oxygen permeability – how the lens material allows your eye to ‘breathe’. 

This is measured in Dk units. D (diffusivity) represents how fast oxygen moves through the material. k (solubility) indicates how much oxygen is contained in the material. To calculate the oxygen transmissibility of a contact lens, Dk is divided by t (thickness of the lens material). 

daysoft® contact lenses have a Dk of 26. In fact, research shows that a Dk of 20 is sufficient for healthy eyes. As a leading brand of daily disposable lenses, daysoft® contact lenses exceed this requirement. 

High standards

daysoft® follows stringent health and safety standards to ensure the highest-quality lenses that are safe for your eyes. Our highly skilled workforce only ever manufacture daily disposable contact lenses that are subject to strict UK, European and other recognised international regulatory standards. 

Easy to insert

Even though they’re ultra-thin, our lenses are always located in the blister pack in the same way. This means they’re never folded, thanks to our innovative INPAC technology. Simply ‘scoop’ them onto the soft tip of your finger for confident handling and easy onto-eye insertion, every time.


For new wearers and young, active teenagers, daysoft® daily disposable lenses are the way to go. You don't have to worry about fastidiously cleaning your lenses or putting them in a case that’s not as clean as it should be. You can throw away your lenses at night and have a pristine new pair ready to wear the next day. 

Contact lenses are a safe and convenient way to correct your vision, but they require proper care and maintenance. Ready to give daily disposable lenses a whirl? daysoft® lenses are not only safe and easy to wear, but also sustainable and hassle free to order and purchase.


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