Why Daysoft Provide The Best Value Contact Lenses

Why Daysoft Provide The Best Value Contact Lenses


When you think of switching to daily disposable contact lenses, you might be concerned about the price. After all, your eyes are precious. 

High-quality, affordable lenses are far cheaper online than at your opticians. Buying daily disposable contacts online directly from the manufacturer not only saves you money, but also time and stress. Here’s why daysoft® offers the best value contact lenses on the market. 

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Affordable eye care, from just 20p per lens

Our Chairman, Dr Ron Hamilton CBE, has been the vision and driving force behind daysoft® from the very beginning. In fact, it’s thanks to Ron that daily disposable contact lenses exist at all. After all, he invented them. 

He built the world’s first laboratory solely dedicated to the manufacture of daily disposable contact lenses, striving to lead the market with the safest, most affordable experience for all lens wearers.

Now, daysoft® is the only company in the world to make and sell contact lenses directly to customers. By cutting out the middleman and passing the savings on to you, daysoft® has sold over 1 billion lenses to wearers around the world.

From just 20p per lens, you can enjoy clear focus and exceptional comfort every day of the week. Take a look at how our prices compare to other leading contact lens providers. Then read on to find out how we can beat them on price without compromising quality.

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Uncompromising quality

Our highly skilled workforce manufactures medical devices that are subject to strict UK, European and global regulatory standards. Our processes means that although our lenses are affordable, they are manufactured to the highest standards – we never compromise on quality.

Our unique INPAC® manufacturing process means the lens is formed entirely in the pack, so imperfections are avoided and hygiene is improved because the lens is never handled. 

As the first and only ‘design, make and supply’ contact lens company in the world, we make contact lens correction the safest and most affordable for all.

Groundbreaking innovation

Our Soft-Edge technology means that, unlike the conventional contact lens shapes that have a bevelled edge, daysoft® lenses have a rounded, continuous edge. This allows your eyelids to glide smoothly over the lenses when wearing them. The fact that they’re 58% water and made of a flexible hydrogel material means they’re super-comfy to wear, as well as keeping your eyes hydrated and fresh. 

They’re easy to insert, too. Even though they’re ultra-thin, our lenses are always located in the blister pack in the same way. This means they’re never folded, thanks to our innovative INPAC technology. All you need to do is ‘scoop’ them onto the soft tip of your finger for confident handling and easy onto-eye insertion, every time.

With daysoft®, your eyes get all the oxygen they need, with a proven, comfortable contact lens material, for a fraction of the price. 


Modern pay-as-you-go and subscription service

Ordering daily contact lenses has come a long way. Gone are the days of walking into your optician, placing an order, then waiting weeks for it to arrive. 

With daysoft®, there’s no hanging around. If you order your lenses by 4pm Mon-Fri, they’re dispatched that very day, speeding up the process.

The best bit? You receive high-quality, great value daily disposable contact lenses straight to your doorstep without lifting a finger (apart from a few clicks on your phone or computer, of course).  

Why choose daysoft® best value contact lenses

Over 15,000 customers save money, time and stress by ordering our daily contact lenses online every month. Here’s why:

Transparent pricing

There are no hidden fees. You can easily see the cost of your lenses and any associated shipping charges when you check out. Unlike other brands, we never discount our daily disposable contact lenses because we’re already passing on the maximum possible savings on to you.

Flexible service 

We’re flexible at daysoft®. You’re not tied into an expensive contract and you can order as needed. Simply go to Our Lenses, switch off the ‘subscribe’ button, enter the lens powers and number of boxes you require and add to basket. The more you order, the more you save.

Or subscribe for the ultimate convenience. Your subscription can be tailored to your needs – amend your quantity and frequency to suit you. You can also modify, skip or cancel at any time.

What’s more, shipping is free as standard on all options. 

Hassle-free returns

Both of our lenses, daysoft® Silk and daysoft® Classic, are available at the same unbeatable price and every purchase is backed by our no quibble returns policy. Try a daysoft® subscription for yourself and if you aren’t happy with your purchase, you’ll be refunded. 

Don’t forget your contact lens prescription

You might be looking to buy your best value contact lenses online, but the only way to get tested is in store. Book a contact lens test to get your up-to-date prescription.

Once you’ve had your contact lens examination, your eyecare provider may recommend a brand to you, or give you a pair to try out. However, you’re under no obligation to continue purchasing lenses from them, and they must provide your prescription to allow you to source your lenses elsewhere.

With daysoft®, you’re in control. Order your hassle-free daily disposables exactly when you need them, today.


Buy as-you-go or set up a flexible subscription plan.

Choose from either Daysoft SILK or Daysoft CLASSIC lenses.

From 20pper lens with FREE delivery.

Minimum 2 boxes per order.