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Why Are My Contact Lenses Uncomfortable?


Contacts feel like sandpaper in your eyes? We hear you. If you’ve ever ended your day with tired eyes and that gritty, burning sensation, you’re not alone. Many contact lens wearers experience discomfort at some point, turning what should be a clear view of the world into a bothersome blur. 

But what if you could turn the tide on this irritation? Enter Daysoft daily disposable contact lenses, designed with your comfort in mind.

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What causes contact lens discomfort?

When it comes to contact lens discomfort, even the slightest irritation can overshadow your entire day. From pesky dryness to heightened sensitivity, here’s a deeper dive into the five common culprits that can turn wearing contacts into a burden:

1. Dryness

Dry eyes rank among the most frequent complaints for contact lens wearers. This discomfort can stem from various factors, including the material of the lens, your wearing schedule, or environmental conditions such as prolonged exposure to air conditioning or heaters.

2. Poor fit

Just like a shoe that’s either too tight or too loose, a contact lens must fit well to avoid discomfort and safeguard your eye health. A poorly fitting lens not only causes irritation but also increases the risk of eye complications.

3. Material sensitivity

Some wearers might find themselves reacting to specific materials used in the lens or the solutions they are packed in. If you use lenses that require cleaning, then cleaning and disinfecting solutions may also be a source of sensitivity. Identifying and avoiding these sensitivities is crucial for a comfortable wearing experience. Switch to daysoft daily disposable lenses - a fresh, sterile pair of lenses every day.

4. Deposits on monthly lenses

Over time, proteins and lipids from your tear film can accumulate on the surface of your monthly lenses, leading to irritation and potentially increasing the risk of eye infections. Switch to daysoft disposable lenses.

5. Allergies

Seasonal allergies can exacerbate the challenges of wearing some types of contact lenses, turning it into a daily struggle. Allergens present in the environment can cling to the surface of the lenses, causing persistent redness, itchiness, and discomfort for wearers.

Why are daysoft the most comfortable contact lenses?

daysoft replaces discomfort with innovation. Here’s how:

Superior comfort

‘These lenses are really comfortable, best ones I have ever had, and delivery was quick.’

Using the latest in lens technology, daysoft lenses are designed to maximise comfort, ensuring a smooth and soothing wearing experience all day long. It’s the shape of your contact lens edge, not its thickness, that determines how comfortable your lens is to wear. That’s why we’ve developed a unique contact lens edge design that provides you with all-day comfort. 

Our Soft-Edge technology means that, unlike the conventional contact lenses shapes that have a bevelled edge, daysoft® lenses have a flat, continuous edge. This allows your eyelids to glide smoothly over the lenses when wearing them. 

Enhanced moisture retention

‘I have used Daysoft lenses for over 10 years with no problems. They are very comfortable, excellent value and the service has been brilliant. I highly recommend them.’

Each lens is designed to retain moisture, helping to combat the dryness that can make traditional lenses feel like sandpaper by day’s end. The fact that they’re 58% water and made of a flexible hydrogel material means they’re super-comfy to wear, as well as keeping your eyes hydrated and fresh. 


‘Easy to take out of the packet. Easy to wear and don’t cause discomfort. Comfortable once on the eyes and can wear all day without any problems.’ 

It’s not unusual for your eyes to feel tired or dry after 12 hours of wear. However, your eyes get all the oxygen they need with our proven, comfortable hydrogel contact lens material.

Silicone hydrogel lenses are often sold on the premise that they are more oxygen permeable, and that more oxygen reaching the eye, compared with conventional hydrogel lenses, is much better for eye health. However, the amount of oxygen ultimately consumed by the eye is exactly the same as with hydrogel lenses like daysoft’s. 

Great for sensitive eyes

‘So much more comfortable than the contacts I used to purchase and at half the price.’

daysoft lenses are made from premium materials that reduce the risk of irritation and are kind to sensitive eyes. daysoft SILK daily contact lenses are packed in an enriched saline solution that provides enhanced comfort and moisturisation throughout the day. 

daysoft® CLASSIC daily contact lenses are packed in a simple saline solution with no added moisturisers. These lenses can be beneficial to allergy sufferers and people with sensitive eyes.

Easy to insert 

‘The lenses are easy to insert, and they are the most comfortable lenses I’ve had. My tolerance is now all day and evening without any irritation.’ 

Even though they’re ultra-thin, our lenses are always located in the blister pack in the same way. This means they’re never folded, thanks to our innovative INPAC technology. All you need to do is ‘scoop’ them onto the soft tip of your finger for confident handling and easy onto-eye insertion, every time.

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Easy switch, happy eyes

Ready to say goodbye to discomfort? It’s as easy as one, two, three to buy your daily contact lenses online with us. All you need is a valid, recent contact lens prescription. This gives essential details regarding the lenses and confirms your suitability to wear contact lenses. 

It also lets you know when your follow-up examination is due. If you don’t have it, just ask your optician and they’ll supply it for you. Then, it’s a simple, easy and speedy process:

1. Choose your lenses

Choose between daysoft® SILK and daysoft® CLASSIC lenses. Need some help choosing your lens type? Find your current brand in the dropdown list during the order process and we’ll recommend a replacement. If your brand doesn’t appear, get in touch so we can advise you. 

2. Select your lens power

We offer a wide power range from +8.00 to -25.00. This is the widest range of powers of any daily disposable contact lens provider. Enter your prescription for your right and left eyes.

3. Pay as you go or subscribe

We’re flexible at daysoft. No contract is required and you can order as needed. Simply go to Our Lenses, switch off the ‘subscribe’ button, enter the lens powers and number of boxes you require and add to basket. The more you order, the more you save.

Or subscribe for the ultimate convenience. Your subscription can be tailored to your needs – amend your quantity and frequency to suit you. You can also modify, skip or cancel at any time.

What’s more, shipping is free as standard on all options. 

Now, all you need to do is sit back and relax. Our mailbox-friendly packaging means you don’t have to wait at home for your order. Delivered through your letterbox as and when you need them, daysoft® daily disposables are the comfiest and most convenient way to wear contact lenses.

4. Money back guarantee

We’re confident that you’ll like your new contact lenses, but if they don’t work out we offer a full refund. We want you to be delighted with our products, so daysoft provides a no-quibble money-back promise.

Why settle for discomfort when you could be enjoying the clarity and comfort you deserve? Whether it’s for work or play, don’t let uncomfortable lenses slow you down. Let daysoft make every blink smooth and comfortable. Discover how our lenses can transform your contact lens experience. Say goodbye to the irritation and hello to comfort with Daysoft – where your eyes come first.


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