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Daysoft Has A New Look: Focussing On What Matters  


You may have noticed that we have a new look! Welcome to the new daysoft® site! Freshly designed and created to communicate our core values more clearly and effectively. We want to reflect what matters to us and how you can enjoy clarity of vision in moments that matter to you. Rest assured, however, it’s still the daysoft® you know and trust. 

So what do we want to communicate to new daysoft® customers and to those who have loyally journeyed with us so far?

Focussing On What Matters

Accessibility and Affordability: You Matter

We really care about providing contact lenses that are the safest modality, highest quality, affordable and accessible to everyone, regardless. It’s the driving force behind daysoft®’s manufacturing and marketing processes. 

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Safe, high-spec, high-comfort, medically-regulated eye-care solutions made available for everyone. It’s what daysoft® is committed to and what our founder, Ron Hamilton, committed to when he invented the daily disposable contact lens.

Daysoft still remains the only company in the world that manufactures and sells contact lenses directly to the customer. Our 'design, make and supply-direct' process means that we’re able to pass on the savings directly to you, the customer.

And at 20p per lens with FREE standard delivery, we're able to provide unbeatable value for money for lens wearers around the world. 

Sustainability: The Environment Matters

Our revolutionary manufacturing process actually reduces our plastic waste by up to 50%. We’ve developed an innovative way to produce the lenses inside their blister pack. The traditional manufacturing method (3 mould system) involves creating the lens inside a pair of moulds and then transferring it to a separately manufactured blister pack for sealing and sterilisation.

A Third Less Packaging

The daysoft® INPAC technology, however, only uses two moulds in the contact lens manufacturing process. The mould used to form the lens becomes the pack. Daysoft contact lenses are not only formed but also hydrated, sealed and sterilised in the mould they were originally formed in, drastically reducing excess plastic waste in the process. 

Compared with other contact lens manufacturers, daysoft® now uses up to a third less plastic packaging than other manufacturers because of this blister pack redesign. And, because the lens is never handled, imperfections are avoided and hygiene levels are unsurpassed.

Innovation: Being The Best Matters

Being a world-leader in the contact lens market is important to us, because it’s important to our customers. We want to give you the very best experience in all-day comfort, from the moment you put a contact lens in your eye to the moment you take it out. Comfort is paramount to the wearability of a contact lens.  

And due to our unwavering commitment to investing in our engineering team and equipment, we have been able to develop a unique lens edge design.

It’s called Soft-Edge. The way your eye interacts with the contact lens - your eyelid gliding over the edge of the lens - demands unrivalled technological expertise and attention to detail. And we’ve come up with the goods. 

Daysoft contact lens

The edge profile of a daysoft® contact lens is smooth and continuous, allowing for maximum comfort with continuous daily wear. In comparison with a chiselled or stepped edge profile found on many other hydrogel lenses, daysoft®’s smooth edges provide unparalleled comfort. 

Moments That Matter to You

Whether it’s milestone moments or everyday moments, we want you to be at the top of your game and experience clarity of vision wherever you are. 

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Order whenever you like or take a look at our new subscription service. You can make savings by ordering several months in advance - just follow three simple steps to get started.

Take advantage of our letterbox delivery service and receive your daily contact lenses exactly when you need them. You can modify, skip or cancel your subscription at any time - whatever works for you. 


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